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ReDeving Inc. is a social purpose corporation, with the goal of helping your organization maximize it's impact, using digital technology and the resources of the internet, and transform how your organization is perceived.
I'm your Web Strategy Partner
Don't have a website, or it needs help?

Simple 3 step process and cost effective fix!
  1. Book a $97, 1-hour Discovery Meeting that is Discounted if we proceed.
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  2. On contract we choose starting options.

  3. Once your assets are delivered you have your Web Strategy Platform starting to work for you in 5 days, with a plan for progressive updating and website management.
Then we leverage that fantastic asset, your virtually free Web Strategy Engine, to increase your business, give your customers  more value, and streamline your effectiveness!

Do what others don't. Your website is more than just a digital version of a paper brochure.

Use it Now!

Don't just survive, thrive!!

Your Website,
your Web Strategy Platform,
has a magical mix of features and potential, and all of it should be under your ownership and control.

As your Web Strategy Partner, let me help you realize the potential of what you already have, or what we will create.

You can't just rely on general advertising anymore, especially with current conditions. It's expensive, inaccurate and no longer cost effective.

I will help you find ways to turn your magical website into a cost effective powerhouse tool that you own and you control.

Quickly test new ideas and Strategies

Have an idea? Let's test it out. It's relatively straight forward to setup, with free tools to see the effectiveness immediately.

Keep your service users Engaged

Use your digital presence, your Strategy Engine, to engage with your customers 24/7, automatically. A campaign isn't just shooting ads out, or email blasts. It's an avenue of communication and community.

Stand out and be Unique

Keep your service users thnking of you without being intrusive. From any kind of incentive, information, membership or newsletter, whatever is needed to give to your community.

Make data-driven Decisions

Simple metrics to see what's working where. There are endless ways to monitor what works and what doesn't with your website. And the majority can be automated, leaving you time to run your organization.
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