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Why you need Privacy & Terms Policies

A Privacy Policy helps website owners comply with privacy laws by providing specific disclosure requirements such as how their website collects, uses, and discloses personally identifiable information and more.

A Terms of Service Agreement limits the liability of organizations by stating the rules to using the website.

A Disclaimer is a document that helps limit your responsibilities and liabilities for your website in certain circumstances.
I suggest what ReDeving Inc. uses, Termageddon.

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Business Strategy

Business strategies are plans that you create for your organization to reach desired, future states that you envision.

These include your organization's goals and objectives, the type of products and/or services that you plan to build, the service users who you want to help and the markets that you will serve.
Social Purpose

Social Purpose Information

Growing social awareness among consumers, a greater sense of accountability among businesses and tighter government regulations, are producing relatively new types of business models.

Whereas there used to generally be two basic business venture models, for-profit to maximize those profits, and non-profit to maximize social and environmental returns, the times have changed, in turn transforming the way companies do business.




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