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Kelvin Thompson

Kelvin Thompson, Founder

Founder's Message

ReDeving is a Social Purpose company, with a focus on the environment, formed to assist small to medium sized businesses and organizations to maximize their impact and transform how they are perceived, using Information Design, Media Psychology and Web Strategy.


I’m Kelvin Thompson, Founder and CEO of ReDeving, a retired ex-military software developer with 30 years of I.T., Graphics and Media Psychology. I’m an Information Designer.

While the ReDeving website is being ReDeveloped, a waiting list needed to be developed.

The ReDeving Waiting List allows maintaining a smaller number of clients and projects of interest.

 Get On the Waiting List Now ☞ 

Because of this I can offer my clients a unique degree of loyalty and dedication towards their continued success.

On another upside, I do urgent things for my clients on evenings and weekends; and you’re not paying for a lot of overhead.
Registered Non-Profits will receive a 15% Discount of Services provided; other discounts do not apply.
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